Manager: Yves Thienpondt

Transimex - Belgium
The export organization is specialized in the supply of hard and softwood to the Far East.Iit has available European species such as beech, oak, ash, poplar logs,etc....

The company's plantations and forests are located in the most favourable region for cultivating high quality trees. This region features a fertile soil combined with ideal climatic conditions such as high humidity and an appropriate level of rainfall.

The combination of these parameters provide optimal growing conditions, resulting in a higher productivity rate of the logs supplied to the wood transforming industry.

Transimex has at its disposal a specialized and qualified workforce, which is essential for the selection, the preparation, the handling and transportation of the various types of logs.

Transimex is exporting poplar logs and other species to a variety of countries in Europe, the Middle-East and the Far East and became an important and reliable partner to many companies.

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